6 Choreographers Who NEED to Do a Broadway Show

January 31, 2019

Choreographing a Broadway show is a dream for many. Of course, it takes years of hard work, determination, and drive to make it to the Great White Way. But here are 6 choreographers we think are more than worthy of having their name on a Broadway marquee.

Al Blackstone

We know Al Blackstone well from all the times he’s choreographed Broadway jazz on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Obviously, he has the chops to pull off a big musical—and he has been doing a lot of theater lately, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he made his Broadway debut soon!

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore can literally do anything. We’d love to see what kinds of fresh ideas she’d bring to a Great White Way stage—and hey, if they bring La La Land to Broadway, that dream could actually come true quite soon!

Kathryn Burns

We’re obsessed with Kathryn Burns’ choreography on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” All those high-energy ensemble numbers would translate perfectly to the Broadway stage.

Tyce Diorio

We’ve seen Tyce Diorio choreograph Broadway and jazz numbers on “SYTYCD” many times before, and he even auditioned for some Broadway shows back in the day (peep his A Chorus Line audition in the documentary Every Little Step). We think the time has come for him to choreograph the next Broadway sensation.

Yanis Marshall

Yanis Marshall is a pro at choreographing in heels, so we know he’d slay something similar to Kinky Boots on Broadway. And we’d love to see more commercial dance on the Great White Way!

Stacey Tookey

This list wouldn’t be complete without the fabulous Stacey Tookey, who can tell a story through dance better than just about anybody. This powerhouse woman deserves to choreograph a Broadway show and TBH, we all deserve to see that.