These Choreographers Don't Speak the Same Language—So They Use Dance to Communicate

August 13, 2017

With all the ugly headlines these days, it’s inspiring to see people who can move past their differences—especially when they find common ground in dance. And a new video from Jubilee Media proves that dance can even transcend language barriers.

The video starts out with two choreographers, Rio June and David Vergaras, being asked to create a one-minute dance routine. The catch is that June, who’s from Japan, speaks Japanese, and Vergaras, who’s from Colombia, speaks Spanish.

The choreographers seem a bit uncomfortable at first. They even confess certain judgements they made about each other based on their first impressions. But as they dive into the creative process, the vibe starts to change. Smiles and laughter replace the tension.

“It was relatively ‘easy’ to speak, once we realized the communication was more about the energy between us,” Vergaras says.

Though both June and Vergaras admit that the task is challenging, they ultimately create and perform a piece worthy of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

“I feel like dance is its own kind of language,” June says. We couldn’t agree more.