Clean Up Your Technique—As a Dance Writer

August 19, 2014

You’ve probably read articles in DS written by former Pennsylvania Ballet principal Julie Diana. (Photo by Alexander Iziliaev, courtesy PAB)

Have you ever wanted to write about dance? If you’ve thought about using the written word to express your passion, you’re not alone. Dancers like former Pennsylvania Ballet principal (and frequent DS contributor) Julie Diana know that we can probably write about dance better than someone who has never experienced it in their own body.

To help get you started, the inimitable Wendy Perron will be offering a four day writing course at Gibney 280 in NYC on October 1, 8, 15 and 22 from 5:00–7:00 pm.

You might know Wendy from the zillion dance-related things she’s done in her career, including serving as the editor in chief at our sister publication Dance Magazine, performing with the Trisha Brown Company in the 1970s or acting as a general force to be reckoned with in the world of dance criticism.

This class series will offer something for everyone: Do you want to write a grant proposal to help raise money for your company? It’ll cover that. What about sprucing up your website? That too. And will you learn skills that could help you get a job at Dance Spirit? Definitely!

Click here
for information on how to register.