Congrats, Allison and tWitch: #BabyBoss Has Arrived!

March 30, 2016

He’s heeeeere! Allison Holker revealed via Twitter that she and Stephen “tWitch” Boss—aka our favorite too-cute-for-words dance couple—welcomed #BabyBoss on Sunday.

That’s right: The Easter bunny brought #Twitchison a baby. Just further proof that this all-star family’s life happens in some kind of amazing, unicorn-and-rainbow-bedecked dreamworld.

We don’t have any pictures of the new arrival yet, but we do have a name: Maddox Laurel Boss. We also know that adorable big sister Weslie is already an expert diaper-changer and that Holker, naturally, was the world’s most beautiful pregnant lady.

While everyone waits to hear more from the proud parents, may we direct you to the video below, which documents the flash mob Holker arranged to reveal the baby’s gender to Boss? Because you have to see this cuteness to believe it. #BossFamily forever.

Congratulations, Allison and tWitch!

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