Congrats to the Cover Model Search Semifinalists!

January 3, 2016

How did y’all celebrate the new year? Because our party involved more than just dancing around in 2016 sunglasses (though there was definitely plenty of that): On January 1, we pushed past our post-ball-drop sleepiness and chose the December winner of our Cover Model Search contest.

What does that mean? It means that we now have all 12 of our official Cover Model Search semifinalists (one for each month).

And what does THAT mean? It means that it’s officially official: One of the lovely ladies below will be our Cover Model Search winner, and grace our October 2016 cover!

Over the next month, the other Dance Spirit editors and I will narrow this group down to three finalists. We’ll fly them to NYC for a week of classes, photo shoots and Broadway show viewings in April. You’ll meet them in our July/August issue, and vote for your favorite from June 15 to July 15. And the winner will earn the October cover.

Which of the semifinalists do you think should make the top three? Refresh your memory by watching their videos and let us know your picks in the comments. (Then start your own CMS dream by entering your best video in next year’s contest, which kicks off this month.)

Congratulations to all 12 semifinalists! You’re making the selection process suuuuuuper difficult this year—and we love you for it.


Hannah Campbell, “Diana”

Jayci Kalb, “Inhaled”

Taylor Sieve, “Broken”

Kerrynton Jones, “Everyone Wants to Rule the World”

Tatiana Melendez, “Path of Acceptance”

Caroline Combs, “Tears”

Briar Nolet, “Day Drift”

Avery Gay, “Tragedy”

Tate McRae, “Isolated”

Destini Hendricks, “Amazing Grace”

Whitney Hester, “The Only Immortal One”

Ali Deucher, “Relax”

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