Could this App Change the Way You Choreograph?

March 22, 2017

Today in This Might Actually Be Game-Changing news:

Choreographer/director Jeff Whiting, who’s worked all over Broadway, has created an app that streamlines the choreographic process. It’s called Stage Write, and it sounds awesome.

Apparently it’s simple to use, too. The idea is to create icons for every performer in your piece or show, assigning each one his/her own shape and color. After you sketch out the shape of the stage (including set pieces and other obstacles), you can arrange your performers in the space and move them around—and the app will record it all for you.

No more trying to remember what you worked on last week! No more bizarre diagrams scribbled in notebooks!

OK, a little real talk: The app is kind of pricey right now—$199.99—so at the moment it’s mostly used by high-powered Broadway peeps, including Susan Stroman. But we have the technology! (And hopefully as the app becomes more popular, the price will drop a tad.)

Nifty, right? If you do have the funds, you can purchase Stage Write from the iTunes store.