Crazy Adorable Brother Duo "The Gentlemen" Is Crazy Adorable on "AGT"

August 11, 2015

Last night marked the first live episode of “America’s Got Talent” Season 10. And while the show featured singers, gymnasts and, um, ventriloquists aplenty, it was—SPOILER ALERT—a dance group that really had us in awe.

Or, rather, in awwwwww. Because this act is made up of two too-cute-for-words brothers, Zach and Cameron Belandres. They are 12 and 9, respectively. They dance in tiny suits and suspenders. And they call themselves “The Gentlemen.”

I can’t.

Screenshot via YouTube

But, OK, aside from their cuteness, The Gentlemen have some real moves, too—a combination of hip hop, breaking and MJ-style smoothness.

Did they put on the most spectacular routine we’ve ever seen? Well, not quite; there are a ton of talented littles out there these days. But The Gentlemen have the kind of natural charisma that’s rare in performers of any age, and truly rare in those who have yet to hit puberty:

Smitten? Want more? Here’s their initial audition performance from a couple of months ago, ICYMI: