The Dance Coach Is in Session

January 2, 2015


Ever feel like you’ve been rehearsing and rehearsing (and rehearsing) your audition solo, but you’re not sure if it’s really working yet? What you probably need is an extra set of eyes. And NYC–based choreographer and teacher Bob Rizzo (who’s also on Dance Spirit‘s advisory board) is here to help with his new website, The Dance Coach. Rizzo knows his stuff: He’s taught at both Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center in NYC, and he’s served on the faculty at the Jazz Dance World Congress.

Here’s how it works: For a fee, dancers (or parents or teachers) can upload 1- to 3-minute videos and get helpful and private feedback from Rizzo. Customers can also receive career advice and schedule in-studio training sessions. Basically, The Dance Coach is a one-stop shop for dancers hoping to get to their next level. Want more info? Click here.