8 Songs to Retire from Your Dance Competition Playlist

March 10, 2021

Many dancers are starting to return to competition stages following a pandemic-related hiatus. And we’re hoping that maybe this break from the usual competition routine can offer a fresh start when it comes to music, as well. Here are a few songs that you *might consider* retiring from your comp selections—post-pandemic and possibly permanently.

1. “A Little Party”

We get it—we’re *technically* back in the Roarin’ 20s. But this song has been making the rounds since Baz Luhrman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby came out in 2013. It’s time to hang up the flapper dresses and feathers—or at least pick a different song.


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♬ overused dance comp songs pt 2 – bella <3

2. “Skinny Love”

Honorable mentions in the “emotional lyrical” category also include “Not About Angels,” “Heal,” and “Lost Boy.”

3. “Cell Block Tango”

We totally get it: You’re going for those fabulous Fosse vibes. But may this serve as a very friendly reminder that there are other songs to choose from for your musical theater small group. And that there are Fosse musicals other than Chicago.

4. “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

This Elvis tune spurred an endless acoustic-cover-to-lyrical-dance pipeline, and it’s gone on long enough. There are so many other love songs to choose from! But if you really can’t help falling in love, maybe look for a less well-known cover.

5. “Bang Bang”

This title applies to two popular dance comp songs, and yes, we’re encouraging you to retire both of them. Whether you’re going for a jazz feel with “Bang Bang” by Jesse, Nicki, and Ari, or a more contemporary vibe with “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” by Nancy Sinatra, it’s safe to say that the judges have probably seen it all before.

6. “Near Light”

If you don’t recognize the title of this song, you’ll probably recognize the tune. And while dances set to this song often have creative titles, themes, and choreo, the instrumentals are all too familiar. It might be time to scour your preferred music streaming service for another option.

7. “Burlesque” 

We get it—Christina Aguilera is an icon. But consider keeping this one on your throwback playlist to jam out to on your own.

8. And, preemptively… “Driver’s License”

We’re just going to get ahead of it and say: Save this pick for your improv jams, or risk blending into the crowd of Olivia Rodrigo stans.