This New Dance Competition Puts Street Styles Front and Center

October 18, 2016

There are so many amazing street styles that, despite requiring tons of training to master, are still dismissed by concert dancers as being non-technical or simply not difficult. That’s why a new competition hosted by the social media site Clapit is so cool: It puts street dance styles front and center, and celebrates the amazing talent and dedication required for dancehall, waacking, b-boying and more.

Omari and Shea, two vogue dancers from the House of Mizrahi, have launched a competition called “Dancing for the Streets,” in which street-style performers can upload a video of themselves dancing for a chance to win a trip to NYC, a day in the studio with the two pros and a dance reel shoot.


If you’ve always wanted to see more street styles featured on “So You Think You Can Dance,” or see b-boying break free from “America’s Best Dance Crew,” now’s your chance to put your own unique style and talent out there!

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