Akira Armstrong Proves Dance Is for Every Body

January 10, 2017

Let’s face it: Body shaming and size shaming in the dance world is pervasive and incredibly harmful. And while we know many wonderful teachers, studios and competitions have a zero-tolerance policy around any form of bullying, there are ways that dancers with non-traditional bodies can be made to feel unwelcome—even when no one says anything negative to them.

Akira Armstrong had already been in two (count ’em) Beyoncé videos when she started seeking an agent, yet she still got shade when she auditioned in L.A. In a video for The Scene, she talks about how judged she felt by commercial industry folks, before they said a word to her.


So Armstrong became the change she wanted to see, founding Pretty Big Movement as a company and educational resource for full-figured dancers. We think the slayage speaks for itself. #girlpower

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