The Best Power Moves of Dance Spirit Cover Stars Past

February 27, 2018

Here at Dance Spirit, we have a special tradition of asking our cover stars to whip out their most explosive, amazing, gravity-defying tricks—their “power moves”—at the end of the photo shoot. The result? An amazing collection of videos featuring everything from Italian fouettés to backwards worms. Below, we rounded up our 5 favorites, but be sure to catch the rest over on our YouTube channel!

1. Jade Chynoweth’s “Backwards Worm”


2. Tate McRae’s “Tate Tilt”

This one’s self-explanatory. Girl’s got legs for daaaaays, and we’re so here for it.

3. Gisele Bethea’s Italian Fouettés

Gisele casually whipped these out after hours of pointe work and jumping, and they are literal perfection.

4. Tatiana Melendez’s “Leg Hold”

There are tons of stunning photos of Tatiana in this exact pose, but seeing it in person was amazing.

5. Kida Burns’ “Ferris Wheel”

The “SYTYCD: The Next Generation” champion proved with this move why he was beyond-deserving of the win.