When Dance Spirit Met Fifth Harmony

November 7, 2014

(L to R) Maggie McNamara, Sean Bankhead and me!


Last week, fellow DS editor Maggie McNamara and I headed to NYC’s Broadway Dance Center for an experience we’re not likely to forget: An exclusive master class with hip-hop choreographer Sean Bankhead, who has been working with girl group, Fifth Harmony. (You might remember their hit “Bo$$” from a fierce routine on “Dancing with the Stars,” choreographed by Mandy Moore.)

Bankhead taught about 16 counts to Fifth Harmony’s new and ultra-catchy “Sledgehammer,” and a little bit into the class, the harmonizing ladies joined in on the fun. While the combo we learned was super-cute, it was pretty clear it was for singers—not dancers. Especially when we’re used to seeing choreography from Bankhead like this:

And this (seriously guys, go YouTube him!):

Still, I can’t wait to see Fifth Harmony work it next Wednesday, November 12, when they perform “Sledgehammer” on “Good Morning America.” I know I’ll be dancing right along in front of my TV.

Fifth Harmony cheering on the class at Broadway Dance Center