Dance Theatre of Harlem's New Short Film Honors the Inspiring Power of Black Ballet Dancers

March 23, 2017

Dance Theatre of Harlem
‘s annual New York City Center run kicks off next month. But rather than putting out a standard-issue promotional video for the season, the company produced a beautiful short film, “High Above,” showing art’s unique ability to lift us up.

With a title track by India.Arie, the film follows a young black girl’s trip to a DTH performance after the death of her grandmother. Comforted and inspired by the gorgeous dancing—and by a special gift from dancer Alison Stroming—the girl returns home, and reflects on the memories she, her mother and her grandmother made at other DTH performances.

It’s another reminder of how critical it is for black children to see dancers who look like them onstage—and of how singularly important the arts are in times of sadness and struggle.