What Dancers REALLY Want for Valentine's Day

February 13, 2018

Sure, roses are pretty, and chocolate is sweet and all—but what are we actually craving this Vday? Here are can’t-miss suggestions for every dancer’s valentine.

1. A massage.

From you? Sure, great. From a pro at a salon? Even better. From a super hardcore PT who will beat the heck out of our aching muscles? YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

2. Tickets to one of the gazillion dancy shows about to open on Broadway.

! Frozen! Mean Girls! Seriously, so many options.

3. A photo session with Lee Gumbs.

Best. Audition pics. Ever.

4. All the things from the Sara Mearns for So Dança line/Tiler Peck for Body Wrappers line/Misty Copeland’s Égal line, etc.

Dancewear that might make us look like a gorgeous ballerina? YUP YUP YUP.

5. An infinite supply of bobby pins.

Just, like, boxes on boxes on boxes of them. Because we have no idea where they disappear to. It’d be legit romantic.

6. An Instagram shoutout from Jennifer Garner.

Because we love you, valentine, but Jennifer’s love is the holy grail.

7. A casual hang with Adam Rippon.

Because he’s kind of a better dancer than we are and we’re not wearing skates, so obviously we need to get all his secrets. (What? It’s not like he’s busy right now.)

8. Alternatively: a casual hang with Jenna Dewan Tatum.

Bonus points if Channing stops by too!

9. Alternatively: a casual hang with the Shaping Sound tour cast.

Ideally wherever this happened.

10. Chocolate.

OK, fine: We want it. Heart-shaped box optional.