10 Reasons Dancers Make the Best Friends

April 4, 2018

Dance class teaches us a lot more than technique. In the studio, we learn endurance, trust, responsibility, and respect—qualities that make dancers fantastic friends. Here are 10 reasons why dancers rock in the friendship department.

You Can Trust Us

Thanks to everything we’ve learned in partnering class, trust really is our middle name. We know exactly what to do to make you feel safe and comfortable.

We’re Respectful

Dance teaches us to respect those around us, whether they’re authority figures or members of an opposing competition team.

Teamwork? We Got That Down

Who works together better than a group of dancers? Um, no one!

We’re Empathetic

We’ve spent our life analyzing movement, which means we can tell what our friends are feeling based on body language and facial expressions. Whether you just broke up with your boyfriend or failed a dreaded math exam, we’re here to offer hugs—and, of course, gallons of ice cream.

We’re Hilarious

How do we deal with dance’s high-pressure environment? A lot of the time, by diffusing the tension with humor—which means we know exactly how and when to deploy a perfectly corny joke.

We Love a Good Dance Party

I mean, obviously.

We Watch the Best Movies

Being friends with a dancer means binge-watching Center Stage and every one of the High School Musical films at least once a month—and TBH, there’s nothing better than that.

We’re the Most Supportive

Nervous about an audition? Struggling to nail down a routine? We’ve been there—and we’re here for you.

We’re Accepting

It doesn’t matter whether or not you can tilt. Dance has taught us that awesomeness comes in all shapes, sizes, and flexibility levels—and we’ll love and accept you no matter what.

We’re Super Fun

Dancers always bring the party. Whether we’re at school, at a competition, or in line at Starbucks, we’re never far from doing a spontaneous happy dance.