Your Fave Dancers Are the Stars of the Newest "Cats" Behind-the-Scenes Video

September 9, 2019

Jellicle cats, come one and all—because there’s even more (and even more amazing) behind-the-scenes footage from the new Cats movie, and it is full of dancy goodness. So, paws whatever you’re doing, and go watch this new BTS video right meow (and no, the cat puns aren’t stopping).

While we’ve been able to see a little bit of Cats from the few videos that have been released, and the somewhat controversial trailer that came out in July, this behind-the-scenes video seems catered to dancers specifically. We get a look inside what appears to be the Cats studio space! We get to see the Les Twins in funny-looking motion capture suits! We get to hear the beautiful Francesca Hayward and Robbie Fairchild talk about what it’s actually like to dance in the movie! This video is fur-real a dancer’s dream come true.

This look behind the scenes has us feline some kind of way. Mostly, we’re even more excited for the movie to come out so we can see all of the amazing dancing going on at the Jellicle Ball. December 20th can’t come soon enough!