7 Dancewear Brands as TikTok Aesthetics

March 28, 2021

If you’re on TikTok, (and let’s face it: you probably are) you’ve probably been introduced to the concept of the TikTok aesthetic: basically, a subculture based around a particular style.

These style categories can be applied to anything from fashion to music to interior design. And it’s totally possible to wear your aesthetic into the dance studio. Check out these 7 dancewear brands that exemplify the vibes of various TikTok aesthetics.

Cottagecore: LuckyLeo

Think picnics, lace, flowers, running barefoot through a grassy field in the countryside—that’s cottagecore. Luckyleo Dancewear offers a wide variety of floral prints, lace details, and even prints like bumblebees and strawberries that were made in cottagecore heaven.

Dark Academia: Eleve

Ever dreamed of studying the classics at a Hogwarts-esque boarding school? Then Dark Academia is the vibe for you.

Dark Academia evokes the feeling of flipping the pages of a leather-bound text in a dimly-lit library. The color palette is moody and dark—think black, gray, deep purple, and evergreen. The muted jewel tones and high necklines of Eleve Dancewear perfectly encapsulate the Dark Academia feel.

Light Academia: Jule Dancewear

Dark Academia’s softer sister is (appropriately) called Light Academia. Light Academia’s color palette is muted, like Dark Academia, but favors lighter colors like cream, sage green, and steel blue.

It’s the same vibe as sipping a coffee in a cafe after touring an art museum. Jule Dancewear‘s pieces feature elegant silhouettes and touches of velvet in Light Academia-approved shades.

Soft Girl: Yumiko

The Soft Girl aesthetic is feminine and simple, often in romantic shades of pastel pink and blue. Basically, if Easter were a TikTok aesthetic, it would be Soft Girl. To translate this style in the studio, try pairing a pastel-toned Yumiko leotard with hair barrettes and some extra blush.

Insta Baddie: Five Dancewear

We’ll say it: Insta (short for Instagram) Baddies are the commercial dancers of the TikTok world. It’s all about the bold colors, boundary-pushing outfits, and most of all, confidence.

And leotards from Five Dancewear are Instagram-ready with cool cutouts and mesh panels. They also sell trendy sets of sweatpants or shorts with matching sweatshirts that make the perfect class coverups.

Artsy: Cloud and Victory

The meme queens at Cloud and Victory do more than make us LOL on Instagram. They also happen to sell vibrant art-inspired leotards and the funniest ballet graphic tees. Cloud and Victory is the perfect brand for the artsy dancer. If you love oddly-specific curated playlists and tend to cover every inch of your space with stickers, the artsy aesthetic suits you—and so will Cloud and Victory.

Minimalist: Bullet Pointe

If Minimalist is your preferred aesthetic, you like to keep it simple in class (or you have a strict dress code). Either way, Bullet Pointe is the sleek and classic brand for your Minimalist aesthetic needs. Pick from the quintessential styles and effortless color palette and you’ve got a minimalist class outfit.