Dancing Kids Are Taking Over TV Commercials, and We Love It

August 8, 2013

It’s that back-to-school time of year—and apparently nothing sells notebooks and pens and new fall fashions like adorable dancing kiddies. (Well, duh.)

Both H&M and Kmart recently released ads featuring some seriously talented young’uns, and they are our new favorite things.

H&M chose a straightforward approach, just letting a group of eight (smartly dressed) munchkins dance it out:

Kmart, however, took things to another level. “[The School Bus Is] My Limo” is a full-on music video (they’ve used little clips of it as a series of commercials) for the world’s greatest kiddie rap song. It features Da Rich Kidzz, a Minneapolis group of crazily charismatic rappers aged 10-13. And as in all great music videos, there’s a lot of sweet dancing involved in “My Limo.” (The little guy in the blue headphones—I can’t even. So cute!)

Happy Friday, everyone!