This Series Will Cure Your Winter-Break Boredom

December 22, 2018

Okay, y’all: It’s time to call it like it is. You’ve now been home from school for several days. You’ve spent some QT with the fam, gorged on all of the holiday goodies, and are finally starting to get just the sliiiiiiiiiightest bit tired of staring into space doing *~nothing~*. You’ve entered the little-understood (but super-prevalent) state called Winter Break Boredom. This calls for a boredom buster—and boy, do we have a great one for you.

Enter BroadwayBox’s genius “Dancing Through My Broadway Resume” YouTube series. It’s a simple concept, with BRILLIANT execution. Take a longtime musical-theater dancer, put them in a studio at Broadway Dance Center, and have them dance the most exciting excerpts from each and every show they’ve performed on the Great White Way. Oh yeah, and overlay the footage with said dancer telling fascinating anecdotes from their illustrious career. Did we mention it’s absolutely brilliant? And that we kinda-sorta wish we’d thought of it first? (Four for you, BroadwayBox. You GO, BroadwayBox!)

The roster (at press time, there are 13 videos in all) is chock-full of your favorite Broadway babes—and a few you’ve maybe never heard of, but definitely should know. In no particular order, a couple of the dancers whose seriously impressive resumes we were most excited to watch unfold in real time:

So whatever you’re looking for this winter break—inspiration, relaxation, or boredom-busting—“Dancing Through My Resume” is here for you. Next, we’d love a behind-the-scenes look at how these clips are rehearsed and come together!