Dear Katie: Help! There's A Culture of Bullying at My Dance Studio

October 20, 2019

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Dear Katie,

I just moved to a new dance studio that provides great training. But there’s an awful culture of bullying there. While I’m not getting bullied myself, I see girls being picked on constantly. It seems like the teachers must be aware of it—it’s happening in a really obvious way in the studio—but nobody ever says anything. What can I do to help the situation?


Dear Emilie,

This is a tricky situation. The hard part is that as much as you want to help, you can’t change other people. So the number-one thing is to make sure you are staying positive and being kind to everyone else. (And it seems like you’re already doing that!)

If you think the bullying is creating a dangerous situation, start by speaking with your parents, who will likely have valuable insights. They might recommend that you talk to your teachers yourself, or they might decide it’s best for them to have (or mediate) that conversation.

But above all, make sure you’re focusing on yourself. Don’t let others’ bad behavior ruin your training. Keep being that positive light!

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