Dear Katie: Will I Ever Be Good Enough to Make It As a Dancer?

March 31, 2020

In our “Dear Katie” series, Miami City Ballet soloist Kathryn Morgan answers your pressing dance questions. Have something you want to ask Katie? Email
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Dear Katie,

I’ve been dancing seriously for 10 years. I work very hard, and my teachers have always
said I have promise, but my technique still isn’t where it should be. Should I take even more classes? Will I ever be good enough to make it? Or should I give up and apply to college?


Dear Sarah,

There’s no perfect answer to this question, because the “right” path will vary from dancer to dancer. That said, if you already have a strenuous course load, I wouldn’t recommend taking even more classes. Frequently that kind of exertion, however well-intentioned, can backfire. You don’t want to wear your body out, or start developing bad habits simply because you’re tired.

Think of working smarter, not harder. One option, if you can afford it, is to look into private lessons with one of your teachers. That’s a good way to get personalized corrections and form a clearer picture of what you need to work on. I’d also suggest cross-training, Pilates in particular. Working different muscle groups can really benefit your technique.

And don’t think of applying to college as “giving up”! A good college dance program will allow you to continue your training at a high level while also getting a degree (in dance, or in a different field entirely). It’ll also give you more time to think about the path you want to pursue.

I can’t tell you whether or not you’re “good enough” for a professional career. But here’s a comforting fact: If you really want to dance, you can always find a way to keep doing it, professionally or not.

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