TFW Demi Lovato Comes to Watch You Dance to Her Song

August 15, 2017

Pretty much every class at L.A.’s Millennium Dance Complex features a combo set to a serious banger of a song. But not every class brings in the ACTUAL POP STAR BEHIND THE SONG to watch dancers take on that combo.

A few days ago, Demi Lovato dropped by Jojo Gomez’s class at Millennium to see what Gomez had made of her hit “Sorry Not Sorry.” Gomez’s šŸ”„ choreoā€”and the incredible performances by some of Hollywood’s best dancers/most devoted Lovatics, including Kaycee Riceā€”didn’t disappoint.

Luckily for us, Tim Milgram was there to capture all the magic on film. Here’s the highlight reel:

And here’s the whole combo: