Derek Hough Takes Radio City Music Hall

January 15, 2015

When you add two awesome and successful things together, they’re bound to create an even more awesome result. Such is the combination of the Radio City Rockettes’ Spring Spectacular + Derek Hough. The ballroom superstar will cha cha across that giant stage when the show opens in NYC this March. (Okay, I don’t actually know what kind of dance he’ll be doing, but that’s just how I imagine it.) Turns out, the Rockettes are gearing up for a Christmas Spectacular-level spring blowout: The show will also feature Whoopi Goldberg and choreography by Mia Michaels.

Hough partnering Allison Holker in Heart Cry on “Dancing with the Stars” (photo by Adam Taylor/ABC)

We’re pretty excited, not only because Derek Hough has already displayed his diverse interests and talents in different dance styles (hip hop, and ballet, and ballroom, oh my!)—which makes us wonder what exactly he’ll be doing onstage—but also because we’re always happy to see our favorite leggy ladies get more stage time. No to mention, this means one more Rockette-themed show that you can potentially audition for, amirite?

So get those tickets now, because the show only runs from March 26 through May 12!