Behind the Scenes of the Dance-Filled "Disney Fam Jam"

February 23, 2020

The ever-dancy Disney Channel just dropped yet another dancetastic show. “Disney Fam Jam,” a family dance competition inspired by choreographer Phil Wright’s viral parent-and-kid dance classes, premiered last night. Each episode features two families battling it out on the dance floor to see who’ll earn a $10,000 prize. And the show is co-hosted by Zombies 2 stars Ariel Martin and Trevor Tordjman—standout dancers in their own right.

The idea for Wright’s parent/child dance classes came a few years ago, when he saw parents waiting outside for their children after his classes, and then saw the opposite when he began teaching adult hip-hop classes. He wondered what would happen if he mixed the two, allowing parents to bond further with their children through the art of dance. It was a hit, especially after Wright posted videos of the classes online. And its success attracted Disney’s attention.

“It’s mind blowing,” Wright says. “I have to pinch myself every day to remind myself this is real. It’s not common to see dance teachers come up with something that they love to do, and then to see that idea turned into a TV show that the entire world gets to see!”

The idea of spending more quality time with family was at the center of Wright’s original class idea, and that’s carried over to the show. “I really hope that the audiences take away the fact that it’s vital to spend more time with one another and love one another while we’re still here,” Wright says.

Martin and Tordjman agree. “We really just want to bring families together and get them to let loose,” Martin says. Tordjman adds, “You get to meet them all and see what they do on a day to day, and then you get to see them grow and gain the confidence to put on a performance and compete against another family. It’s such a cool way to bond.”

The show also marks another step forward for dance representation on TV. Audiences can expect to see multiple different styles of dance featured on “Disney Fam Jam,” as well as many different kinds of families.

“For any family at home, whatever challenges they’re going through, we want them to know that it’s okay to come together, and it’s always good to step out of their comfort zone and do something different,” Martin says.

Check out the first episode below: