Do the "Robot"

March 22, 2017

When all else fails on the d-floor, break out the “robot.” Don’t pretend you’re not guilty of resorting to this classic dance move at one point or another…

Be proud! No shame! Own it!

Or be super awesome at it like Brian “Chibi” Gaynor:

But the folks at Boston Dynamics flipped the whole concept of the robot dance on its head last week when they introduced us to Atlas, a humanoid robot. Most people are freaking out about Atlas’ ability to walk over rough terrain. That’s cool and all (and potentially could help it out if it decides to take over the world), but I’m most impressed by the way it moves–almost as if it’s dancing. Oh, and it can balance on one leg. I’m telling you, this bot has serious dance potential.

So human dancers mimic robots, and a robot mimics human dancers. Seems fair, I guess.

I fully expect Atlas 2.0 to master the pirouette.