Donté Colley Is the Dance Insta-Phenom 2019 Already Needs

January 12, 2019

Y’all, it’s time to call a spade a spade: The first month of any New Year kind of sucks. It’s way too cold, you’re probs failing at one or two of those ambitious resolutions, and spring (with its exciting performing opportunities) feels so very far away. And yet, in the midst of so much darkness, a hero has emerged. His name is Donté Colley, and you’re about to double-tap every single thing he’s ever posted.

21-year-old Donté Colley, from Toronto, Canada, is an inventory associate and university student by day, Instagram star by night. His specialty? Inspirational dance clips. Like this one:

And this one, an ode to the many-splendored power of friendship:

How does this magic happen, you might ask? Colley told Buzzfeed News, “I kind of just throw on a track, it could be Beyoncé, it could be some elevator music. It kind of depends on what I’m feeling and then from there I will probably record like three different ways of movement.”

As of last July, Colley had about 12,000 followers. At press time—thanks to a New Year video that went viral last week—he had 184k. (!!) How is he handling this sudden onset of Instastardom? He said to Buzzfeed News: “The support of fans makes it feel worth doing, and that’s all I could ever ask for. To make people feel better, especially because we all go through lows in our lives and we all have our own struggles that we deal with on a day to day, so just being able to bring some light or joy to somebody, it makes it feel worth doing. It definitely recharges me and motivates me more to keep going.” All of the YAS.

We’ll leave you with a video that’s practically overflowing with the aforementioned light and joy. Stay gold, Donté.