"DWTS" Week 2: Hometown Heroes

September 22, 2015

The fine folks at “Dancing with the Stars” decided to take a no-holds-barred approach to Week 2 of Season 21. As if learning one dance wasn’t hard enough for many of the celebrities so early on in the competition, each couple was charged with perfecting two routines for Monday and Tuesday’s live episodes. Yikes.

But enough about them. For us at home, that’s four hours of “DWTS”—a lot of good TV. Here are my highlights from the Hometown Glory two-show extravaganza.

1. The second night’s opening number
began with pics and home videos of the “DWTS” pros as baby ballroom champions. Need I say more? Here’s the deal: Monday’s episode highlighted the celebs’ childhood memories, while Tuesday night was dedicated to the pros. So the fact that this number initiated an entire evening celebrating the true stars of the show—ahem, the dancers!—made it especially wonderful.

2. Bindi Irwin
continued to be the Wonder from Down Under
She and partner Derek Hough received the highest score (25) on Monday night for their AC/DC tango. (Yes, that’s now a thing—and it worked!) And while their Tuesday-night waltz came in second place behind Tamar Braxton and Val Chmerkovskiy’s super-cute Charleston, I’ve got to hand this week to Bindz: Dancing in a Mylar skirt cannot be easy.

Witney Carson
gave us a Wild West–themed cha-cha.
I’m not sure why the judges weren’t more impressed with this routine. Sure, Carlos PenaVega isn’t the most gifted celebrity in ballroom shoes, but how could they even take their eyes off Witney? The bombshell sparkles in everything she does, and her saloon maiden was the perfect combination of sassy, sultry and super-adorable. Also, LOVE that costume.

Allison Holker
practically danced by herself, and it was beautiful.
Yes, her partner Andy Grammar was also part of the contemporary routine on Tuesday night. But he served mostly as Allison’s human barre, pummel horse and carousel. Which, based on his weird heel click 22 seconds in (and whatever that is at 0:50), I think the world was OK with that.

5. Meow! Alexa PenaVega and Mark Ballas’ sizzling salsa
on Monday night earned high marks from the judges—and me. I do wish Alexa had worn heels (it’s not like jaguars wear beaded bodysuits either). There’s something off-putting about a spicy Latin number that’s performed in lyrical shoes—even if they are Dance Paws. #puns!

Unfortunately, Chaka Khan and Victor Espinoza were the first celebrities sent packing. Do you think the judges made the right choice? How much longer will we have to endure Paula Deen’s sexy faces? (It’s like watching your grandma trying to swallow up Louis van Amstel whole.) Let us know in the comments!