"DWTS" Week 11: The Finale

March 22, 2017

Spoilers ahead!

To call this season of “DWTS” one of the absolute best is probably an understatement—it had everything: lots of drama, lots of sequins and lots of incredible dancing. But all good things must come to an end, and last night’s finale was oh-so bittersweet. Too soon to relive it all? Nah, let’s do it.

The three finalists all performed their favorite routine of the season (which wouldn’t be judged) before it was time for the final (judged) dance. James and Sharna relived their Foxtrot from Cirque Week, Calvin and Lindsay spiced things up with their tango and Laurie and Val chose their trio with Maks for a double dose of Chmerkovskiy. But after all the nostalgia, it was time to really dance.

James and Sharna
have some insane chemistry, and that was on full display during their Foxtrat/Waltz fusion, both of which are James’ strongest styles. The judges agreed, awarding them a much-deserved perfect score.

Calvin and Lindsay’s
Jive and Quickstep fusion is something I’ll get to in a minute because I need to first address Calvin’s bedazzled blazer: 💯💯💯. Anyway, their fusion was also 💯, and also received a perfect score from the judges, because duh. They were living their best lives last night.

Which brings us to Laurie and Val
. I cried the minute Val gave Laurie that heart-melting, big brother “we got this” peck on the forehead, so in other words, I started crying immediately. There’s nothing to say about these two except <3 <3 <3. And with that dance, the judges handed out their third perfect score of the evening.

And just like that, the dancing was done and Laurie and Val were crowned the Season 23 champs. Obviously we’re all beaming like proud moms over here at DS, and it’s safe to say I’m thankful for Team Valaur today (and every day forever). I also have no idea how this season will be topped, but we’ll find out soon enough—Season 24’s just a few months away! It’s been fun, guys, and I’ll leave you with this perfect vid. #AlltheFeels.

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