"DWTS" Week 3 Recap: "Disney Night" is Confirmed Chaotic Good

September 28, 2020

Welcome back dance fans, to the chaos that is “Disney Night” on “Dancing with the Stars.” Have you ever wanted to see a pro football player dressed as a candlestick? A realtor from “Selling Sunset” dressed as a Disney princess? Carole *bleep* Baskin dressed as a giant lion? No? Well, it’s “Disney Night,” so you don’t really have a choice.

But even amidst all of the chaos, there was some truly amazing dancing—this cast is next level, y’all. In case you missed last night’s episode (or if you were too busy researching tonight’s presidential debate, in which case, good job!) here’s all the best dancing rounded up. Plus, the purrson who went home…hint, hint.

Jeannie Mai and Brandon Armstrong: Viennese Waltz

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by the first 15 minutes of the movie Up. Because if so, proceed with caution to this Viennese waltz. Jeannie Mai and partner Brandon Armstrong, performing as quite possibly the cutest elderly couple to ever grace the “DWTS” stage, had us all in our feels last night—in the best way. Jeannie showed off her softer side, and the judges loved it, giving the couple two 7s and an 8, for a total 22.

Nev Schulman and Jenna Johnson: Argentine Tango

We love to see Nev Schulman doing his part to revive our favorite early 2000s trend: guyliner. He served Captain Jack Sparrow realness, performing his Argentine tango to pirate perfection. Pirates of the Caribbean always brings great things to “Disney Night,” folks. The judges gave the pirate pair three 8s, for a total 24.

Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart: Rumba

The cast of “Dancing with the Stars” really be doing everything they can to keep us in our feels, okay! Johnny Weir and partner Britt Stewart performed the loveliest, gooiest, most lyrical rumba we’ve seen in a minute. And while rumbas are usually all passion, Johnny and Britt brought the *love* to this performance—and we *loved* it. The judges gave the dancing duo three 8s (!), and we swear we even saw Carrie Ann Inaba shed a tear.

Sadly, not even the magic of Disney Night could stop the judges from sending someone home—CAI might have shed some tears, but she’s still CAI, folks. With the lowest scores of the night, Anne Heche and Carole Baskin ended up in jeopardy. The judges unanimously agreed to send Carole and partner Pasha Pashkov packing—and no lion, we’ll miss them. We’re feline blue without our favorite crazy cat lady.

Carole Baskin poses with partner Pasha Pashkov (Erin McCandless, courtesy ABC)

But at least we’ll always have this photo. Happy 2020.