"DWTS" Week 9: Showstopper Night

March 22, 2017

We’re nearing the end, guys! Last night, the six remaining “Dancing with the Stars” couples performed not once, but twice, with each pro-star pair doing both a standard duet and a dance with another couple. And speaking of double trouble: While “DWTS” is never NOT crazy, as this season ticks closer and closer to its finale, we seem to be getting twice as much drama-rama as usual, too. Trips to the hospital! A shocking elimination! REALLY AGGRESSIVE CHEST WAXING!

But let’s start with the positive, shall we? Beginning, as we tend to do these days, with the impossibly adorable Bindi Irwin. This week, she upped the stakes during her elegant Viennese waltz by dancing blindfolded. Because there’s pretty much nothing this girl can’t do. Tens across the board, obvs.

The other perfect scorer was Alexa PenaVega, who opened up about her struggle with bulimia before performing a moving contemporary routine that earned her a big standing ovation. (Shades of Mia Michaels’ “addiction” piece from “So You Think You Can Dance,” yes?)

Bindi and Alexa also brought down the house in their joint routine, set to—be still, my heart—a medley from Chicago! Fosse-inspired choreo is never not fun, and it’s especially fun when it involves a very glittery quick change and a chorus of ballroom pros getting their jazz hands on. So much YES.

Even though Tamar Braxton—who missed the first round of performing because she was still battling exhaustion in the hospital—earned the lowest scores of the night, it was Alexa who was ultimately booted from the “DWTS” train. Such a bittersweet moment, given her stellar performances. (And husband Carlos’ heartbreaking reaction to the news—oh, lord.)

What did you guys think? Should we just call the competition for Bindi at this point—or will someone else have a last-minute surge and steal the Wonder from Down Under’s mirror ball trophy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, friends.

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