Eight-Year-Old Charlie Has So Much Swagger

March 22, 2017

The string of amazing, tiny dancers continues
, and this week we have a ballroom baby for you.

Eight-year-old Charlie completely nails Patrick Swayze’s hips from Dirty Dancing. While he doesn’t provide much variation on the basic ballroom step that Swayze’s character uses in the final scene of the movie, that doesn’t stop him from performing full out. Ballroom newbs on “So You Think You Can Dance” could learn a thing or two from this kid’s commitment and lack of self-consciousness.



Charlie met Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson backstage at a taping of the The Queen Latifah Show, where he showed off his moves.

(Photo via People magazine)


If that wasn’t enough cuteness, there’s also a video of four-year-old Charlie performing his version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” He’s hilariously adorable and it’s actually kind of amazing how much swagger he had, even as a toddler. Check it out.