6 Emotions Every Dancer Goes Through at an Audition

January 28, 2020

Whether you’re vying for a starring role, college scholarship, or spot in a prestigious summer program, a dancer’s dreams always lead them to the audition room: a somewhat scary, mostly magical place where you can show off the technique and performance skills that you train so hard for. And while (spoiler alert) auditions won’t get any easier throughout your dance career, it helps to remember that we’re all in this together! Here are the top six emotions that every dancer goes through during an audition.


Wearing your cutest audition outfit (and lugging a dance bag full of other outfit options just in case), you arrive at the audition to check in and warm up. Looking around at your fellow auditionees, you realize everyone is just as nervous as you, but of course, you all play it cool.


The audition begins–it’s exciting to finally be in the room where it happens. As you begin class or learn the audition combination, you feel pretty darn ready to show your stuff.

(Minor) Panic

After you’ve learned the combination and gone over the details, it’s time to perform in small groups. Your name is called, you walk confidently to the center of the room and…realize that everything you just learned has instantly left your brain. Luckily, as soon as the music starts, the first steps come back to you–crisis averted.

(Major) Panic

You thought the worst was behind you…until the choreographer asks everyone to reverse the entire combo.


After you’ve left your own heart on the dance floor, you can finally pay attention to all of the amazing talent in the room. Although auditions are a bit competitive by nature, you just can’t help but admire and root for your fellow dancers.


You finish the audition, and whether you get the part or not, simply showing up and doing your best is worth taking a bow for. Celebrate your victories, learn from your mistakes, and start preparing for the next one.