"Every Single Step," the "Project Runway" for Choreographers, Kicks Off Today

March 22, 2017

One of the best things about “So You Think You Can Dance” is that it’s become a launching pad not only for dancers, but also for choreographers. In fact, I’d argue that the best “STY” choreographers, returning season after season, have become the show’s brightest-burning stars.

And Nigel Lythgoe knows it. Which is why he’s teamed up with DanceOn to produce “Every Single Step,” a new choreography-focused reality show premiering today on the go90 app. “ESS” follows 10 up-and-coming choreographers as they navigate fast-paced, themed challenges, “Project Runway”–style. (Oh, dance gods, PLEASE let there be an “unconventional materials” challenge. Choreographing for Roombas? Sourcing props from the “SYT” costume archives? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.)

The show’s Tim Gunn-ish mentor is none other than Brian Friedman. The star power doesn’t end there, either: A new celebrity guest judge will arrive to evaluate the contestants each week. We’ll hear words of wisdom from Mandy Moore, NappyTabs, Tessandra Chavez, Rich and Tone, Brooke Lipton, WilldaBeast, Miguel Zarate and Ian Eastwood, with Tricia Miranda and Kenny Ortega coming in to judge the grand finale. You’ll spot some familiar faces among the contestants, too, including our friend Cat Cogliandro. And the grand prize? A cool 25,000 bucks.

Download the go90 app
to watch the first episode of “Every Single Step” right now. Or, if you’re one of those people who likes to savor a few appetizers before diving into the main course, start by watching these two yummy little teasers:

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