What Your Favorite Fall Beverage Says About You as a Dancer

September 23, 2021

Autumn is here, and we’d like nothing more than to curl up with a warm drink after a long day of class or rehearsal. But what are you choosing to fill your cup? Here’s what your fall beverage pick says about you as a dancer.

Warm Apple Cider

Your dancing is as spicy as your favorite cider, and your personality is just as warm. You bring energy to classes and rehearsals (even without any caffeine!). When you’re not serving facials onstage, you’re being the most supportive teammate. You love to help out the younger dancers at your studio, and they love you, too!

Chai Latte

Like your favorite latte, you’re both sweet and bold, and you don’t mess around. If another dancer has a question about the counts, they come to you. You’re always in charge of getting a card and flowers for your teachers at the end of the season. Your movement is precise and accurate, but never boring.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Your genuine enthusiasm for everything from new costumes to learning a new step makes you a joy to be around inside and outside of the studio. You love a sassy jazz number and a slicked-back high ponytail. You’re not afraid to be called basic, because you know popular things are often popular for a reason.

Hot Chocolate

Sometimes you might be underestimated, but you have lots of talent and personality to share onstage. You’re a jack-of-all-trades, delivering in every genre from intense contemporary to upbeat hip-hop numbers. When you’re performing, you remind everyone just how good you really are.

Herbal Tea

Watching you dance is like a breath of fresh fall air—easy-breezy. You have a playful and effortless quality to your movement that makes everyone wonder how you make that adagio or those turns look so clean. But the secret to your technique is the hours of practice you do behind the scenes, much like how tea is stronger the longer you steep it.