Flex It With Insane Duo AyaBambi

July 18, 2015

If you haven’t heard of AyaBambi, we’re here to change that. The Tokyo-based dance duo has a style unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Their flex-heavy moves happen at lightning-speed and are so precise—watching them is mesmerizing.

AyaBambi killing it in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2015 campaign (Screenshot via YouTube)

The duo has a huge YouTube presence, but they’ve really tapped into the fashion world in recent months with their Alexander Wang Fall 2015 video (watch the quick clip below!). Vogue.com also featured them in an amazing wedding dress showcase, which included yet another epic video of their unique dance moves (not to mention the best costumes). Seriously, we’ve never seen anyone move like that.

AyaBambi’s got it all: musicality, individuality and above all, the moves. Definitely keep an eye out for these two!