"Football Player" Joins Dance Team, Amazingness Ensues

August 19, 2015

Yes, we’ve all heard the stories about football players taking ballet classes to improve their agility. We’ve seen the funny, faintly sweet images of 350-pound dudes stretching their massive legs on straining barres. We’ve chuckled, shaken our heads, and thought, Bless their hearts.

But a football player moonlighting as a member of his own squad’s dance team? And legitimately dominating the choreo, which is significantly more advanced than your average touchdown celebration? That’s a new one.

Last weekend, the Sidewinders, who cheer for the Arizona Rattlers arena football team, featured an unusual guest star in their halftime show: a huge, cleated-and-padded gentleman, who proceeded to twerk his brains out and drop into a full split. It’s even better than it sounds:

So much SASS.

Real talk, now: This is clearly a setup. The “player”‘s jersey number is 75, and his name is “Oscar,” but there’s neither an Oscar nor a #75 on the Rattlers’ current lineup.

However, there is an awesome choreographer named Oscar Hernanadez who’s worked with dozens of pro dance teams and has a penchant for appearing with them in football garb.

Well played, Sidewinders. Well played indeed.

Here’s the full video: