Forget the Car: Houston Ballet's Karina González Is the Real Star of this Honda Commercial

January 27, 2016

It makes us so, so happy that the world has figured out just how ad-friendly dancers—ballerinas, in particular—are. Do you have a product you want to portray as a) graceful, b) strong, c) elegant or d) all of the above? Use a ballet dancer in your commercial, obviously. It’s a win-win-win: We get to see our favorite people on TV, those people get paid solid money (YAY!) and the mainstream world gets to know brilliant artists they might never have otherwise discovered.

Which is why we’re especially excited about Honda’s brand-new ad, featuring luminous Houston Ballet principal Karina González. This commercial is actually one of our all-time favorite dancer spots, because it’s not completely focused on her impressive body (though there’s plenty of lovely dance footage). Instead, it presents a more complete picture of González: how she became the first Hispanic principal at HB, why she’s so dedicated to her art, what it takes to make it as a professional dancer and even her advice for dance students.

She also wears the world’s prettiest practice tutu. (screenshot via YouTube)

(In case you’re wondering what this all has to do with cars, aside from the traditional “our car is as graceful/powerful/elegant as this dancer” metaphor: It’s part of Honda’s “Greatness Is Within Reach” campaign. I.e.: “Imagine what you could accomplish with the all-new Civic by your side.” Most people probably couldn’t become principal dancers at Houston Ballet, Civic or no Civic, but…yeah. Let’s just enjoy Karina being beautiful.)

Take a look and get inspired:

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