We Are Absolutely Living for the New "Fosse/Verdon" Trailer

February 24, 2019

What got us through a disappointingly dance-less Oscars broadcast last night? THIS INCREDIBLE SPOT FOR “FOSSE/VERDON” AGGHHHHHHHH.

It is 30 seconds long. And it will fully occupy the next 24 hours or so of your life.

Backing up for a second: Yes, there’s a new TV show about Bob Fosse and his muse/wife Gwen Verdon, set to premiere on FX on April 9th. Yes, it was put together by much of the team that brought us Hamilton, with Andy Blankenbuehler choreographing, Thomas Kail directing, and Lin-Manuel Miranda producing. So, yes: We already knew it was going to be darn good.

But even we didn’t realize just how excited we were about the show until this trailer popped up during one of the Oscars’ umpteen commercial breaks. So much dancy dancing! So many references to so many iconic Fosse numbers! And peep the likes of Paloma Garcia-Lee, Haylee Roderick, and Eliza Ohman in the ensemble!

On a scale of one to ten jazz hands, we give it FIVE HUNDRED JAZZ HANDS AND A FOSSE NECK FOR GOOD MEASURE.