Four-Year-Old Superstar Heaven Is Back on "Ellen"

March 24, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres has the most delightful dance friends, amirite? I mean, she’s basically adopted tWitch, which proves she has excellent taste. But she has an especially uncanny gift for picking out the teeny-tiniest of talents.

One of our favorite recurring “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” guests is little hip-hopper Heaven. Heaven was barely 3 when she first appeared on the show, sashaying her way through a routine to Beyoncé’s “End of Time” with her mom, Tianne. Last year, she returned and upped the cuteness factor even higher, performing to Pharrell’s “Happy.” And this week, Heaven, now 4, was back in fine Beyoncé form, nailing choreo set to Queen B’s “7/11.”

That HAIR! Love love love.

Also, Heaven would like you to know that she has a brother she loves very much. But he’s not a human—he’s a puppy named Cody CorZae:

Via @heavenkingdances

This girl’s got a serious case of the cutes.