Friday Video Break Time: Be Mesmerized by Justin Peck's New Ballet

March 24, 2016

What would a Justin Peck premiere be without a gorgeous preview video to celebrate it?

The New York City Ballet soloist’s first work for San Francisco Ballet, In the Countenance of Kings, is set to debut on April 7. #TeamBallet is excited about this one, and for good reason: It features a score by Sufjan Stevens, with whom Peck seems to have an especially powerful chemistry. (See exhibits A and B.)

Curious as we are about what Peck will do with Stevens’ cinematic melodies this time—and about how he’ll use the talented SFB dancers, a brand-new pool of muses? Or just looking for an especially lovely way to kick off the weekend? Then you’ll want to watch the short film SFB released yesterday. Shot by dance filmmaker Ezra Hurwitz and set in a cavernous abandoned train station, it features sneaker-clad company dancers looking especially free as they blaze through Peck’s choreography. (Or maybe, as a clever framing device implies, the whole thing is a dream, swirling in the head of principal Dores André.) It’s dynamic and joyful and gives us a solid sneak peek at the goodies Peck and Stevens have in store for SFB audiences.

Happy Friday, bunheads!

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