Friday Videofest: Storyboard P/Story Basquiat

July 11, 2013

Oh, do I ever have some goodies for you all today.

Story Basquiat (known until recently as Storyboard P) is a dancer from Brooklyn who’s been performing with Breakin’ Convention for the past year or so. And he is insanely good.

Story calls his style “mutant,” and for good reason: You can’t quite put your finger on all of its influences. You just know that they mix together to make something amazing, something you’ve never seen before.

As his name suggests, Story is all about telling stories through dance. And while he can do that hard-hitting style that’s so popular today, usually his narratives are of a more thoughtful, lyrical kind. He’s a dance poet.

Here are three of the most beautiful Story videos available online (all gorgeously filmed—he seems to have become a muse for several talented filmmakers). Happy Friday, everyone!

[vimeo_embed expand=1]