FSU Marching Band Nails Beyoncé's "Single Ladies," Makes Our Lives

October 22, 2014

Just when we thought we’d seen every possible rendition of Beyoncé’s revolutionary “Single Ladies” dance, the Florida State University marching band went and blew our darn minds.

At Saturday’s football game versus Notre Dame, every single member of the Florida State Marching Chiefs performed a rendition of JaQuel Knight‘s iconic “Single Ladies” choreography. There was strutting. There was hip-wiggling. There was, of course, all kinds of hand-flipping. And the whole thing was life-affirming in a way you don’t normally associate with college football halftime shows.

Also, this happened:

(If all this is making you want to run home and watch Drumline, that 2002 marching band masterpiece that’s on cable every five minutes or so these days, we have more good news: VH1 is apparently about to release Drumline 2. And yes, original Drumline star Nick Cannon will make an appearance.)

Watch the whole delicious FSU video below: