Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice Get Their Disney On

February 23, 2016

It’s easy to forget that Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice are kids.

They’re seasoned professionals with crazy-good resumés. They’re the stars of pretty much every dance class they set foot in. They’re some of the savviest self-marketers around, always finding new ways to grow their (already huge) fan base.

But yes: They’re also just barely teenagers. So it’s kind of fun that their latest video, “CLUBHOUSE,” lets them get in touch with their silly-kid side.

Choreographed by Janelle Ginestra, the vid features Gabe and Kaycee doing their best Mickey and Minnie Mouse impressions to a medley of Disney and Disney-inspired (“Hey Mickey,” anyone?) songs. Scooters, hot dogs and lots of special-effect sparkles are involved. And the dancing is, of course, everything we’ve come to expect from a De Guzman/Rice/Ginestra production.



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