Gabe De Guzman Just #Blessed Everyone's Winter Break with This Amazing Vid

December 27, 2017

This music video was never supposed to even exist—but we’re so, so glad it does.

Here’s the story: The Actors Fund asked DS cover alum, Mouseketeer, and all-around hip-hop golden boy Gabe De Guzman to choreograph the opening number at the 2017 Looking Ahead Awards Gala (an annual fundraiser for services the Actors Fund provides to young performers). De Guzman assembled an incredible squad and got to work—and immediately realized the synergy they were creating was just too darn incredible to be limited to a one-night-only performance.

As Gabe says, “i wasn’t sure how it was all going to turn out but after our first rehearsal, i decided i had to create beyond the live performance we were gonna do. i was blown away by all of the talents i had the opportunity to work with. everyone in the video has their own unique talent and it would be a shame for you guys not to see it. this is a collaborative effort from these amazing kids, their parents, the Looking Ahead Awards committee, and Dream Talent Management. special s/o to Karla Huff, Vy Nguyen, David Javier, the Eleven Studios, and 101 Dance Center for making this all possible. enjoy #TurnUptheMusic.”