Get Excited, Musical Theater Nerds: BroadwayCon Is Coming!

February 2, 2015

A bajillion different Comic Cons have sprouted all over the country recently, attracting swarms of comic book fanatics eager to geek out over their favorite superheroes. But why should comic lovers have all the fun?

If there’s any community to rival the comic nerds when it comes to obsessiveness, it’s the musical theater crowd. And in a moment of genius, Broadway star Anthony Rapp—you know him as the original Mark Cohen in Rent—realized that a BroadwayCon could be epic.

Well, get excited, musical theater people: Rapp went ahead and did the darn thing. BroadwayCon is coming to the heart of NYC’s theater district in January of 2016.

It has a pretty logo and everything!

Because we’re nearly a year out, there haven’t been any announcements yet about who will be appearing and/or performing. But since Rapp is at the helm of this ship, you can bet the list is going to include major shows and major celebs. (We’re praying his Rent and If/Then co-star Idina Menzel will be involved!) Also, unlike pretty much every other fan convention, BroadwayCon won’t make attendees pay for autographs and photo opportunities. So get those selfie sticks ready.

Tickets for BroadwayCon go on sale March 15. In the meantime, visit to learn more about the event.