Get Schooled By tWitch, Glitch, Comfort and SHEstreet

June 25, 2015


On a scale of one to I-need-to-get-down-RIGHT-NOW, how much do you love trap music?

Yep, me too. In case you fierce freestylers out there need some inspiration for the next time the beat drops, may I present tWitch, Glitch (aka Cyrus Spencer), Comfort Fedoke and SHEstreet dancing to “Soundclash” by Flosstradamus & TroyBoi? These four will school you on the possibilities of trap.

I love that each dancer has such a unique style, yet staying true to their preferences doesn’t prevent them from playing with the music. When I hear trap, I tend to think about deep and heavy movements, but the dancers’ ability to create contrast through their artistry totally changed the way I, as Mr. Balanchine would say, “saw the music.”

Maybe this will become the new TGIF dance around the Dance Spirit office. Here’s hoping!