Get Your Friday Freestyle Fix with Two Sweet Videos

April 16, 2015

Dust off those celebratory moves, people. It’s Friday.

I miss that guy.

What else can help celebrate the gloriousness that is the end of a long week? Dance videos—obv. And now, thanks to The New Yorker, you can add a few more to your list. The magazine recently debuted a new web series called “Five-Borough Freestyle,” which, according to its tagline, is “an exploration of New York’s diverse and ever-evolving dance scene, set in interesting locations around the city.” OK, I’m hooked.

Albert “The Ghost” Esquillin, a founding member of the Bed-Stuy Veterans, featured in “Five-Borough Freestyle” (Photo by Deidre Schoo for the New York Times)

The first two episodes in the series focus on Bruk Up, an interpretive style that developed out of Jamaican dance halls in the 1990s. (Bruk Up eventually spawned flexin’ and bone breaking, two styles that video producer Sky Dylan-Robbins explains will be showcased in future episodes.) And while both videos highlight amazing dancing, they also include commentary from the artists themselves. Watch the first two eps below!