All the Gift-Worthy Training Accessories You Need This Winter

November 20, 2019

For today’s versatile dancer, it’s not enough to just show up to daily class. Top-notch training includes conditioning, self-care and a home practice with the right training tools. Amp up your home studio (and your dancing) with these three accessories from Harlequin Floors—just in time for holiday gift-giving. (Bonus: They all ship free!)

Harlequin Turning Board

Harlequin Turning Board

Courtesy Harlequin Floors

Whether you’re a natural turner or still trying to perfect that triple, spending extra time on your turns at home can only make them cleaner, faster and easier. Harlequin’s Turning Board works for ballet, jazz, modern and even tap: With Harlequin’s reversible marley on one side and a wood surface on the other, no type of dance shoe is off-limits. Measuring at 36″H x 31 3/8″W x 3/4″D with a small cutout for easy carrying, the plywood panel is light and portable so that you can take it with you to competitions or conventions.

Harlequin Practice Mat

Harlequin Practice Mat & Bag

Courtesy Harlequin Floors

With precision footwork—especially in pointe shoes—having proper flooring is crucial. One small slip on your slick dining room floor could spell disaster. With a Harlequin Practice Mat, you can work on your pique turns, échappés and entrechat quatres with peace of mind. Made with Harlequin Cascade—the floor of choice for American Ballet Theatre, Houston Ballet and New York City Ballet—the 40″x 40″ practice mat can be put down on any hard surface for optimal training. Choose from black or gray and enjoy a stylish carry bag for maximum portability.

Harlequin Freestanding Ballet Barres

Harlequin Freestanding Ballet Barre

Tina Pereira

Stark Photo Productions; Courtesy Harlequin Floors

Ballet training begins at the barre. And what better place to start than in your own home? Harlequin’s Freestanding Ballet Barre is light and portable with adjustable feet for easy raising and lowering. With two choices of material (aluminum or maple) and two lengths (52″ or 72″), you can easily find a barre that matches the size and look of your home dance space. Each freestanding barre contains two horizontal barres of different heights to make stretching out at the end of a long dance day a breeze.