Giorgia Bovo

March 10, 2011

In the four years since contemporary ballet dancer Giorgia Bovo moved to NYC from her native Italy, she has worked with a slew of companies, including Armitage Gone!, Thomas/Ortiz Dance and Rebecca Kelly Ballet. Two vital qualities keep this freelancer busy: She’s both humble and hungry. “Every choreographer has his or her own vision,” Giorgia says, “and that makes my artistry richer.”

Giorgia, 23, also happens to be a captivating performer. Tall and willowy, she isn’t afraid to stretch her long limbs and cover large swaths of space. She moves naturally, balancing technique with abandon.

Though her dancing may seem effortless, Giorgia is a dedicated student. She began taking ballet classes at 5 and added contemporary dance when she was 12. At 16, she started studying at Scuola del Balletto di Toscana (on full scholarship, no less), where she trained for three years. After a year performing with the contemporary dance company Kaos Balletto di Firenze, Giorgia moved to NYC in 2007 in search of new and diverse experiences.

Today, despite her often demanding rehearsal schedule, she tries to take ballet class every morning, usually at Peridance Capezio Center. “It gets my body and mind ready for rehearsals,” Giorgia says. “And more important, it’s crucial not to stop learning and trying new things.”

It is precisely this attitude that helps Giorgia succeed in NYC. As a freelance dancer, she auditions frequently, and she approaches the process with an optimistic perspective. “If the audition goes well, that’s great,” she says. “Otherwise, I use the experience to understand what I need to focus on more the next time.”

Along with career opportunities, she’s found a welcoming community in NYC. “Dancers help each other—you find out about auditions or recommend each other for projects,” she says. “I’ve also gotten to know artists in other fields, and I find that inspiring. When I came here, I started to see different things and I felt free to be myself.”

Fast Facts

Favorite movie: The Truman Show

Favorite book
: 1984

Favorite food:
“Pizza—the real kind, from Italy!”

Most-played on your iPod:
Michael Jackson

Ideal day off:
“I like to go to the Museum of Modern Art. I’m a member.”